About Man of God Dr.Karunakar


Jesus Christ is same yesterday, today & forever, Our God is speaking God when god speaks with someone he changes the life drastically, blesses them to make them blessing others (Nations).

I was born in god loving Christian family, am the youngest of 5 siblings, when I was 12 years old, on 29th - April -1996 around 9 AM during summer VBS for all churches in miryalaguda,nalgonda district, VBS children’s doing procession on main road. We saw an accident of unknown person who is coming opposite to us on scooter. When he applied the sudden breaks he and his scooter skid on the road before us. He was heavily bleed and about to die.

While sun rays falling on his broken tibia bone reflecting on my eyes, God started speaking with me & questioned me “ If he dies where he will go?” with my little knowledge I said if he believes in Christ he goes to heaven otherwise hell. Again second time I heard voice of God” if he goes to hell what you are doing? After listening that I started crying & confessed all my sins, and then I started remembering the bible verses one by one, no verse comforted me until I remember. Mathew 6:33 (But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you).

When I remember that verse my heart filled with peace of God, I felt like God answers for those above questions. I surrendered my life on that day, I confessed before VBS, family & relatives I said them “ I want to become missionary ,pray for me” .

From that day god took over my life & holy bible became my best friend. God did marvellous things in my life, blessed me in every area of my life & he gave me medical seat at s.v.s medical college mahaboobnagar, after good experiences in my college life ,God used me to start s.v.s medical fellowship along with other two Christian friends, Which gave me good training for further ministry. During those days which ever Christian meeting I attend I used to receive prophecy for ministry.

After completion of my final M.B, B.S exams in 2006 while I was passing through Warangal to Hyderabad, I saw a man of God [end time apostle and prophet for nations from India] meeting poster; spirit of God spoke with you will work with him. Then I attended his church service same day, for the first time he was lead by spirit saying God is calling some doctors for fulltime ministry .that man of God pointed out me saying you are the one that I called. That night when I prayed till 3 am spirit of god spoke to me Ezekiel 47:1-12 will be your ministry. In 2006 God spokes with me to serve HIV Aids people & made ART doctor in 2008. In 2014 god trusted me to start a church at Nizampet with a confirmation from same man of God. And God confirmed the ministry with signs, wonders, and miracles from the very first day. To prepare the bride (THE CHURCH) for his second coming. All glory to God who speaks and leads us even today with his holy spirit.